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Bay Village Homeowners Association

Welcome to Bay Village Homeowners Association


Age Verification Survey

Federal  Law requires that every two years the Association send this form  to  each and every homeowner. The homeowner is responsible for providing   the information required by the form for each and every resident in the   home.

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Decline to Complete Age Verification Survey

A  homeowner who declines to complete the Age Verification Survey should   submit this form to the Bay Village Homeowners Association Board. In   that event the Bay Village Homeowners Association is entitled to  attempt  to acquire age verification for each resident in the home by  other  means.     

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Association Complaint Form

Homeowners  in Bay Village are entitled to submit a complaint to the Bay Village  Homeowners Association Board  (specifically the Architectural Committee)  if another homeowner is  violating the Association CC&Rs (use of  home or yard, architectural  changes to exteriors, age violations).   Homeowners should use the Bay  Village Homeowners Association Complaint  Form to submit a complaint.

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Homeowners Architectural Form

Application  for required written approval for improvements,  alternations, and or  paint colors for painting of homes in Bay Village.

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Bay Village Board Member Candidate Form

Show an interest in your Bay Village community by serving on the Board.

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