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Welcome to Bay Village Homeowners Association

Frequently Asked Questions


Where exactly are the CC&Rs located on the website?

 Simply go to our GOVERNING DOCUMENTS page at https://watsonvillebayvillage.com/governing-documents-1,  and click on Download PDF. This document is a compilation of the original CC&Rs, an amendment, and the extension. On page 2, part 3, you will find the language regarding our age restrictions. 

What are the age restrictions (in plain English)?


At least one RESIDENT in the home needs to be at least 55 years of age (this applies to homeowners AND tenants). This person is considered the "qualifying resident." Others may live in the home if they meet both  of the following requirements: 1) They were living in the home prior to divorce from, or death of the qualifying  resident, 2) they are at least 45 years old and are a spouse, domestic partner, or providing primary physical or  economic support to the qualifying resident.

Can my neighbor have underage children living in their home?


NO ONE in Bay Village may have underage children living in their home. There are limited exceptions (see  the CC&Rs). Residents may have visitors of any age stay with them for no more than 60 days in any  calendar year.

When is the annual Homeowners Assessment due?


Assessments are due 30 days after Notices are mailed. If Notices are mailed on July 1, your money is due by August 1.

When do annual assessments become past due?


Your payment becomes past due on the 31st day after mailing. If Notices are mailed July 1, payments not received by August 1 would then be considered past due on August 2 and incur a late fee.

Will it cost me extra dollars if I pay late?


Yes, if your payment is not received within the 30-day due period, you will incur a 10% late fee.


Can I pay my Homeowners annual assessment for a few years in advance?

 No. We do not keep track of payments spread over several years.  

Can I come to the office and pay my annual assessments?

  Bay Village does not have an office.

I did not receive my annual assessment letter, what do I do?


You should receive your Annual Packet, including your Notice of Assessment, in early July. If you have not received it by July 15, please contact us immediately. Homeowners are responsible for notifying us of any change of address. We also cannot be responsible for the Post Office losing or mis-delivering mail.

How do I update my homeowner contact information?


Call our voicemail at 831 457-6646 or email contact@bayvillagewatsonville.com. Be sure to include your name and Bay Village property address, if your mailing address is outside Bay Village.

Who may come to the monthly meeting?


All Bay Village homeowners are welcome. Dates and location are on our Calendar on the website, usually the third Tuesday of each month at 3pm, at the YWCA on E. Beach St, but it’s always good to call the voicemail to verify the time/date and let the Board know you’ll be attending.

Who can I contact if the neighbor's dog is leaving deposits on my lawn?


You should speak to your neighbor and ask them nicely to remove their dog’s waste and that you’d appreciate it if their dog would not defecate or pee on your lawn. 


I want to paint my house a different color, can I just do that?


You will need written approval from the Board before you make any changes to the exterior of your home, which includes painting. Please go to the FORMS page on our website and download the Homeowners Architectural Form and submit it by mail. Be sure to attach paint chips and indicate which one is for body and which is for trim. If you are making other changes, include drawings. The Board assumes you will get the proper permits if required by the City. Please allow at least 2-3 weeks for Board approval.

The fence is in need of replacement, I can't do it by myself, what do I do?


You need to speak to your neighbors and get their permission to remove and replace the fence. They should be willing to split or share the cost with you. Remember to get prior Board approval. If your neighboring homeowners don’t live in Bay Village, we can contact them and have them contact you. We do not share homeowner contact info with other homeowners without their permission.

The neighbor, who rents, is not taking care of the property, How can I tell the owner?


If you have contact info for the owner, you should notify them. While it is not BVHA’s responsibility to notify owners about tenant problems, if the tenant is violating a Bay Village Rule, we will contact the owner. You should complete a Complaint Form and submit it.

Who do I contact regarding excessive noise, wrecked cars, trash or large weeds in Bay Village?


For excessive noise or wrecked cars, call the Police non-emergency line at (831) 471-1151. For other problems,  like weeds and trash, call Code Enforcement at (831) 768-3050.