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Bay Village Homeowners Association

Bay Village is a Restricted Senior Community in Watsonville, California

Restricted Senior Development per CA Civil Code 51.3 

There is an annual fee of $36.00 (July1-June 30).  A $40.00 transfer fee is required for a change in ownership. Legal documents  such as CC&Rs, as well as property maintenance, architectural and  CC&R violation forms can all be viewed and printed from this website.

Bay Village Homeowners Association does not offer  Homeowners Insurance to owners, nor do we maintain a list of homes for  sale or rent.             

Assocation Minutes

About Our Meetings:

The meetings of the Bay Village Homeowners Association are held each  month on the third Tuesday at the YWCA at 340 East Beach Street in  Watsonville. If the date, time, or location of the monthly meeting is  changed, it will be noted on the calendar.

Monthly  meetings are held in the dining room, accessible from the kitchen,  through a door facing the parking area. There is a motion light that  should come on as you approach that door, which is unlocked. If you go  to the front entrance, that door is locked and we can’t hear you knock.
Meetings begin at 3 pm and all homeowners are welcome to attend and/or speak.

Download Minutes

Annual Meeting

May 22, 2018

April 20, 2108

March 20, 2108

February 20, 2018

January 16, 2018

December 12, 2017

Special Meeting: November 21, 2017

October 10, 2017

September 12, 2017

August 8, 2017



Who Does BVHA Serve?

BVHA serves all Bay Village Homeowners of record.  Bay Village  Homeowners are residents 55+ and/or those who own rental property.   Renters also enjoy the Village tranquility and can work to improve the  quality of our neighborhoods:  Renters must be 55+.  Watchfulness of  neighbors is very effective.  The more we come together to solve  problems, the more united and strong our voices will be in maintaining  our senior housing status.  It takes perseverance.

Seniors are one of the largest voting groups in the  City.  We have a voice!  Attend Council meetings when called upon.   Attend meetings with the Santa Cruz County Supervisor, our advocate in  organizing so that we remain a senior community and enjoy our homes in  Bay Village. 

Board Members 2017-2018
President, Marina Watts
Vice President & Levee Overseer, Emil Yappert
Treasurer, JoAnna Rottke
Secretary, Lauren White
Jan Carter
Sarah Cartwright, Complaints & Architectural Committee
Robert Erbe
Jan Vyeda
Marina Watts

Board members

The newsletter is now coming out twice a year, in Spring and Fall. Here is your pdf copy ahead of your neighbors. Enjoy.

Contact Us at:
Bay Village Homeowners Association
P.O. Box 986, Watsonville, CA 95077

Message (831) 457-6646
Via email: contact@bayvillagewatsonville.com.
Monthly meetings are held on the 3nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 P.M.
Come join us.
Location of  Meetings:
40 E. Beach Street

Invest in your BVHA one hour per month!
Come join us.


Age Verification Survey

Federal Law requires that every two years the Association send this form  to each and every homeowner. The homeowner is responsible for providing  the information required by the form for each and every resident in the  home.

Decline to Complete Age Verification Survey

A homeowner who declines to complete the Age Verification Survey should  submit this form to the Bay Village Homeowners Association Board. In  that event the Bay Village Homeowners Association is entitled to attempt  to acquire age verification for each resident in the home by other  means.             

Association Complaint Form

Homeowners in Bay Village are entitled to submit a complaint to the Bay Village Homeowners Association Board  (specifically the Architectural Committee) if another homeowner is  violating the Association CC&Rs (use of home or yard, architectural  changes to exteriors, age violations).  Homeowners should use the Bay  Village Homeowners Association Complaint Form to submit a complaint.

Form to be Completed by Each Occupant (Permanent or Temporary)

This form (“Notice of Complaint Received”) is sent to a homeowner, when  there is a complaint that a resident in the home fails to meet the age  restrictions. The homeowner is responsible for having each and every  occupant complete the form and for returning the form to Board of  Directors of the Association.

Homeowners Architectural Form

Application for required written approval for improvements,  alternations, and or paint colors for painting of homes in Bay Village.

Bay Village Board Member Candidate Form

Show an interest in your Bay Village community by serving on the Board.

Governing Documents

What Legal Documents Govern Bay Village?

This is an article that lists and summarizes the documents that govern Bay Village.

What are CC&Rs?

This is an article written by the Association’s attorney to help us better understand the  legal underpinnings of our CC&Rs.

Bay Village Association Declaration of Restrictions.

This is the official Declaration of Restrictions (also known as CC&Rs) for Bay Village.

Incorporation of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and Amendment to Declaration of Restrictions

This document amended the above Declaration of Restrictions concerning who is entitled to reside in Bay Village. The Bay Village Declaration of Restrictions as amended by the Incorporation of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and Amendment to Declaration of Restrictions constitute the CC&Rs for Bay Village.

Extension of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Bay Village Homeowners Association.

This document extended the effect of the Declaration of Restrictions as amended by the Incorporation of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and Amendment to Declaration of Restrictions to December 31, 2101.

Bay Village Homeowners Association Bylaws.

This document addresses the Administration of the Association.

Operating Rules.

The operating rules currently include: 

  • Procedures for Enforcing the Terms of the Declaration of Restrictions When Alleged Violation (Except Delinquent Assessments)

  • Enforcement Procedure for Delinquent Assessments

  • Architectural Change Approval Procedure


Pro Forma Operating Budget 2017


Driveways and Parking Information.

Storage Shed Guidelines.